The race against time begins.

Spielerei, the Live Escape Game in Leutkirch im Allgäu. That`s excitement, fun and teamwork. As  family, colleagues or friends, our escape room is a unique experience for everyone. Once in the room you have 60 minutes to solve the triky riddles and tasks. You will be successful only as a team. Choose a date and join in with the action. 


The Monastery’s Secret Door

During construction works at the monastery wall you discover a closed door withouth handle or lock. Will you be able to open the door? Will you lift the secret of the monastery?


Save the children's festival

Das Kinderfest wurde sabotiert. Ihr seid die Oberstadt-Detektive, die einzigen, die das Kinderfest retten können!
Ein großer Spaß, nicht nur für Kinder.

Opening December 2019

At 16th of December 2019 we opened our doors for you!  

First we are going to open with one escape room but we will expand our offer with three more new rooms next year.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the Spielerei Escape Room Leutkirch.

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