Spielerei Escape Room Leutkirch, Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

How does it work?

After your arrival at your booked time and date you will get a briefing by our game master. If there are no more questions you will be led to the room. There you will see an introduction video and after that the clock ticks. You have 60 Minutes to solve the riddles and tasks. During the whole time the game master will keep an eye on you so he can give you some hints if you should get stuck. You will get a radio so you will also be able to contact the game master if needed. When the room is solved, or the time has run out, the game master will get you ot of the room. Afterwards there will be a souvenir photo. Your whole visit will take about 1,5 hours.


An Escape Room or Exit Game means to dive into a different world full of tricky riddles, divers tasks, exciting stories and humor. 2 – 6 players get “locked” into a room. Through skillful combination, teamwork and, yes, also a bit of luck, step by step you get closer to the solution of the room. This can mean to find the exit key or to find a specific item.

During the whole time there is a game master present. He observes the players by CCTV and can take action in case of an emergency. The doors to the rooms can be opened at all times. With big windows in every room, there is always a second escape route available.  

In this case you have lost the game and the game master will end it.

We ask you to understand that we have to take longer delays away from your playtime. So please take care to be on time.

You can cancel via our contact form. Cancellations up to 3 days (72 hours) before the booking date are free of charge. Up to 1 day (24 hours) before the booking date we will charge 50% of the price. Later cancelations will be fully charged.

To book at short notice (same day) please call us.

For bookings outside the regular business hours please contact us by contact form or by phone. 

Generally the age restriction is 18 years. With the agreement of their parents players age 14 or older can play the rooms on their own. Players under the age of 14 can only play with at least one adult.

The age indication for families is our recommendation. It states at what age we think a child can play the room with it`s family. Despite the age recommendation, you, as parents, can decide whether to follow it or not. You can decide best what you children are capable of.

The age indication for children is also a recommendation. It states at what age we think children can play the room on their own. As parents you can decide if you want to follow this recommendation. But please note that children under the age of 14 can only play with at least one adult.

2 – 6 players can play in the same room. Some tasks cannot be solved alone. More then 6 players would mean that not everyone is kept busy.

Larger groups with 7 and more players can book several rooms at the same time. 

You can play the rooms in German or English language. If you want to play the room in English please inform us when you are booking.

There are no plans to implement further languages.

No. You can find all the information you need to solve the rooms inside the rooms itself. So you don`t need any special knowledge to have fun with the riddles. Everybody knows something or has a special skill which will help with some of the tasks.

You also don`t need to be especially fit to play the rooms. Unfortunatly we cannot offer wheelchair accessibility. Our rooms are on the first floor and there is no elevator. One player in the group should be able to climb a ladder or lay on the ground. Since we are working with neodymium magnets we cannot allow people with pacemakers or deffibrilators access to our rooms. Everyone, no matter if tall or small, thick or thin, young or best ager, can enjoy the adventure escape room.

No.  All the information you need to solve a room is in this room itself . On the contrary we will ask you to empty your pockets before you enter the room. So better bring as little as possible.

It is not allowed to eat or drink (with the exception of water) in the rooms. 

There is a toilet and we recommend to use it before you start your game. Since you can exit the rooms at any time it is generally possible to use the toilet during the game.

Online you can pay by PayPal. On-site you can pay cash or with credit/debit card. Business customers can pay by invoice.

There is sufficient public parking space (free of charge and fee based) close to our rooms. Directly in the building is the fee based underground parking “Löwencenter”.

Since we don`t want to spoil the suprise we will not tell you too much. Only this much: It is neither totally dark nor especially narrow in the rooms. You can leave the rooms at any given time. The rooms are observed by CCTV so if there are problems or emergencies the game master can take action.

Generally everyone can have fun playing an Escape Game. Such as the beginnig of a stag party before the drinking part starts; or a company celebration or teambuilding with colleagues; or spending some time with family or friends; or for tourists if it rains or snows once more. For all of them an Escape Room is an exciting indoor activity.

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